TPMS BLE TP-630 Bluetooth V4.0 Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System


Sale priceRM389.00 MYR


Bluetooth lower energy (BLE) TPMS which is app-enabled and let you monitor your tire pressure seamlessly in real-time using your smartphone.

  • Real-time tire pressure and temperature monitoring.
  • Alert/Warning notification when tire under-inflated.
  • Increase tire lifespan and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Assure you a safer journey with reduced risk of accidents.
  • 4 pcs of TPMS for front and rear tires
  • 3 Months Local Warranty

Product Detail
Flat tires are no fun. With advancements in tire pressure monitoring system, it is now become easy to monitor your tire pressure in real-time.

App-enabled TPMS device even giving you a more seamless experience to monitor your tire pressure anytime and anywhere. 

Let's explore information on Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and understand the real benefit behind it. 

It always warn you when your tire under-inflated and hence reduce the risk of accidents. 

Not only that, it keep your tire pressure check and perform optimally. Hence, increase fuel consumption efficiency and the lifespan of your tire.

  • Working Voltage : 3V
  • Working Currency : 540uA
  • Tire Pressure : 10 to 900kpa
  • Tire Temperature : -30 to +80 °C
  • Bluetooth Frequency : 2.4GHz
  • Display : APPs on Smartphone
  • Support Smart Phone OS : Android 4.3 & Above | iOS 7.1.2 & Above
  • Time : ≤6s
  • Waterproof : IP67
  • Battery life : About 400 days
  • Sleep Currency : 2.4 uA
  • Tire pressure accuracy : +/- 10kpa
  • Tire Temperature accuracy : +/- 3 °C
  • Bluetooth rate : 0dBM MAX
  • CPU : 8 bites MCU/S08 Core, ARM M0
  • Humidity : 95% MAX
  • Battery Capacity : 140mAh (CR1632)
  • Net Weight : 9.6g +/- 1g

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