Eyebol x2 unit and Flying Ball x 1

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- Eyebol is an intelligent Robot Toy Controlled by Intelligent terminal device such as Smart Phone, Tablet, iPad, iPod through Bluetooth connections, which is supported by both iOS and Android system.

- Can change its colors and directions, and even swim in the water or playing music.

- Application : iOS and Android

Flying Ball FEATURES :

- Flying Ball is an infrared induction ball, which will detects nearby objects and automatically moves away from the them.

- Features a clear glass ball, which will emits colorful changing lights while in flight, and the bright LEDs make it fun for night-time use.

- It will rise, fall due to induction control operation instructions and it doesn't need remote control.

- Application : Open the switch aircraft is a low-speed rotation, the speed reaches a certain lift will take off. After it takes off, it will drop when in a certain height in the air, and then reach out to the feet, it will then start fly when the inductive distance is arrived.


be used by kids under adults' supervision, adults and elderly to play with pets or friends.


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