Dear Customer,

This is a video that will help on setup the IP Camera EVA110 and connect it with app and Alexa.

Below is the openbox for EVA110 and setup content:

1. Unbox EVA110 IP CAM
2. You will see a SD Card Slot at bottom of front camera, USB Power slot will be at back of camera
3. You will get an Camera EVA110, Adaptor, USB Cable which connect Adaptor and Camera,
Camera Holder, Screw set and User Manual
4. Connect the IP CAM with usb power cable, turn it on and the light will be flashing
5. You can use the camera holder to position it at wall eigther up or down base on your preference.
Some of the user will just put on table
6. When you turn on the camera, the camera will warm up with turning left and right, up and down.
7. Then you can search app of appeeco at google play store or apple app store. Once installed, you can go to product page and that will link you to appstore app AJCloud. Install the app and start link your camera to the app.
8. Enter AJ Cloud App, Click add Camera with the + Sign, make sure the light is flashing at back of your camera.
9. We choose Dome camera and add EVA110 with position the camera to the app QR code.
10. You can press to enlarge the screen to full and
navigate the camera left , right, up, down in pan-tilt mode.
11. 2-way communication with speak and listen the sound form the camera via app.
you can start manual recording or snap a photo on the camera navigation button.
12. out from the camera, Go to Me at bottom navigation, check the video and image. Then you need to click to save to your phone.
13. Your video and image will display at your gallery.
14. For recording storage, you can subscribe AJCloud for storage, or using SD card as cam storage.
There also a free alert storage on motion detection 10 sec range up to 24 hours storage.
13.You can turn on Motion Alert for alert detection video.
14. To setup with Alexa, you need to have Alexa App installed to your phone
15. Go to Alexa, enter More , Go to Skill and Games, search AJCloud, Enable this skill.
16. Once the camera added. You can show this to your Amazon TV , or TV with Amazon Firestick connected.
17. The video we also show the setup of iPhone and AJCloud Sign Up process.

Thank you