APPEECO Website Account

Is it requires to pay for the membership?

No. It is lifetime free of charge.

What is the benefit of joining APPEECO Website?

There is a great advantages of joining APPEECO Website. You will receive newsletter on the latest product and apps release. You will be able to leave feedback on the product you purchased. Occassionally, you will receive promotion surprise from us.

How to join APPEECO Website?

You can register an account using your email address.

How to subscribe to APPEECO Website Newsletter?

AppeWise Newsletter is open to public. Upon subscription to our newsletter, you will receive confirmation email from us. Please refer to 'How to Subscribe AppeWise Newsletter' and whitelist us if it enter your SPAM box.

Who is APPEWISE Sdn Bhd?

APPEECO Website is own and operated by APPEWISE SDN BHD (1231972-D) registered in Malaysia

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General FAQ

Why is it so little gadgets available in the APPEECO Website ?

APPEECO Website emphasize on the selection of products and only few that pass the criteria will be recommended to the public. All product sold by APPEECO Website was passed our quality test.

Is the gadget come with warranty?

All product purchased from AppeWise will be under Manufacturer Warranty. Please refer to the product details as such warranty period is differ for different product.

How to buy from APPEECO Website?

Register an account from APPEECO Website first and to complete the checkout, plese refer to 'How to buy' guidelines.

How to Leave a Feedback?

After you bought a gadget, you can leave your feedback on your experience of using it, please refer to 'How to Leave a Feedback' guidelines.